Cesc Farré Metal Box Set

I am very happy of sharing with all of you this moment of thankfulness and excitement about the future. I have had somo points in my life that have marked my artistic travel in a very special way, as well as a lot of you, but this is, without doubt, one of the most important. I think that the acknowledgement and support drom one of the most important and historical brands in the industry of fine arts is like the recognition from artist partners and friends, as well as all of you whom enjoy art, and not forgetting the family and its unvaluable support.

In collaboration with the company H. Schmincke & Co., I have designed a special watercolor box set, now available as a limited edition. It is robust and metallic, suitable for studio and plain air painting. It contains 18 full pans of HORADAM® AQUARELL selected colours, including a paint hue specially developed for me and called “Ocean Gray by Cesc Farré”. This is a granulated grayish-blue only available in this box. The combination of colours of the box is centered int blue-brown-gray space, very adecuate for painting watercolor marine and landscape motifs. The empty row in the box offers the posibility of adding an extra 6 full pans or 12 half pans of HORADAM® AQUARELL.

The box contains the following 18 colors of HORADAM® AQUARELL: 215 lemon yellow, 213 chromium yellow deep hue, 218 transparent orange, 341 geranium red, 366 deep red, 473 cobalt violet hue, 482 Delft blue, 494 extrafine ultramarine, 484ftalo blue, 479 helium light blue, 509 cobalt turquoise, 519 ftalo green, 657 transparent ochre, 653 transparent siena, 663 brown sepia, 786 anthracite gray, 787 Payne’s bluish gray, and the special color, 990 ocean gray by Cesc Farré.

We think that it can be to your liking and you can find it in specialized shops from all around the world from September 2020. ¡Hug to everyone!